It’s the most wonderful time of the year… particularly if your partner has popped THE question!

You’ve indulged in the moment, told all your friends & family, celebrated non stop and now you might be coming back down to earth and thinking, ok, what next?


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Wedding planning is a long process but there are certain things that are important to address sooner rather than later…



The date

Are you expecting a long engagement or are you wanting to get married within a year or so? A realistic time-frame is important when considering what steps to take next… and how quickly! The longer you have to plan the greater the number of choices available to you.


The type of wedding

Hopefully you and your partner are aligned on this one. Are you dreaming of a church wedding, a registry office, an outdoor event, a country house/hotel? Do you want your wedding and the reception to take place at the same location or are you willing to travel between the two? These are important questions to ask yourself early on as they will significantly impact the venue decision.

The budget

This is a hugely important one and will affect most decisions you subsequently make. Consider how much you are willing to spend and then how you might obtain the finance – you may already have it or you may need to think about saving/asking for help. It is also a good idea to consider what elements of the wedding are most important to you, and assign budget accordingly. Have you considered insurance?

The tone of the wedding

Are you aiming for a formal affair, a rustic vibe, a  themed wedding? This is where you think about how you want your wedding to feel. Consider thinking of the adjectives you’d want your guests to use when describing your wedding, then imagine how you can create that.

The guests

Think about how many people you might want to invite. This will affect many other elements of the wedding, i.e the venue, the catering, the stationary and subsequently the cost.


The venue

Venues can book up months, if not years in advance. Start thinking about where you might want to tie the knot geographically in the country/world, and more specifically, the exact building. Find out more about weddings at Howell Manor if you love the idea of a country estate wedding.


The organisation

This is something which you and your partner may wish to take on yourself, alternatively you may think about employing the help of a wedding planner, or getting friends and family involved.

Finally, a huge congratulations to any couples who have recently got engaged. Savour the moment and enjoy every bit of planning your big day.


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