We’re thrilled to share some gorgeous engagement pictures of our Easter couple!

Big thank you to Vicki Head Photography for sharing these with us.

 The week ahead…

The forecast looks great, particularly for the big day itself on Saturday!

The marquee will go up on Thursday so keep following us on Facebook for a glimpse of how that happens!

The dress, make-up & hair, and catering are all sorted courtesy of Fancy Frox in Spalding, Charlotte Moore MUA, Love Hair by Sonja & Co, Dunmore’s Catering and Pizza Di Bella.


We’ve all heard of the ‘something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue’ wedding day tradition, but do you know where it originates from and the meaning behind it? We did a little research ahead of our spring wedding!

‘Something old’

This represents the bride maintaining a connection with her past & family as she enters married life. Usually the bride will include some form of family heirloom in her wedding outfit.

‘Something new’

This represents optimism for the future and normally the wedding dress itself is the ‘new’ item worn.

‘Something borrowed’

This is meant to bring the newly wedded couple good luck. By borrowing something from a happily married friend or relative the couple hopes little bit of their good fortune will rub off on them. There is no reason why the groom can’t be involved in these traditions and borrowing cuff-links from a family member is a popular choice.

‘Something blue’

This represents the loyalty and faithfulness the couple will take into the marriage. It is traditionally symbolised by the bride wearing a blue garter beneath her dress but in contemporary weddings there are a large range of blue items incorporated.

We can’t wait to welcome Carissa & Lewis on Saturday and wish them all the best for their wedding and their future life together.

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