The Family

The Sardeson family have been on the Howell Estate for generations and evidence of the family can be found in the church itself.  Henry William Sardeson (b. 1868) has a monument inscribed to him in the north chapel. He died in 1897 Sessa, Dibrugarh, India.

Mark and Elaine continue to live on the estate and are very active members of the local community. Mark is the vice chair of the Heckington Show Committee and Elaine the membership secretary.

The Church

St Oswalds is a beautiful church situated in the village of Howell, the Norman style of the south door suggests it dates back to the 12th century.

St Oswalds has 6 services a year and to add to its charm the only source of light is from candles. Weddings and Christenings can take place here, accommodating up to 100 of your guests. Please note that any church booking needs to be carried out via the church itself, specifically Reverend Chris Harrington.

St Oswalds Church Howell manorThe Farm

A working farm, the estate sits on 550 acres of land producing wheat, barley, rapeseed and linseed.  There are a number of outbuildings of which some can be used for your event.

The farm itself is part of various conservation schemes that aim to support and protect the local flora and fauna.