To be or not to be…

A seating plan is a potential element of your ‘on the day’ wedding stationary. It is usually styled in accordance with your wedding theme and can be a useful tool… but is it a necessity?

We decided to take a look at both sides of the debate.

5 reasons you should…


1. PREVENTS ANXIETY – Stops your guests from worrying about where they are going to sit.

2. TACTICS – You can tactfully decide where to seat your guests, ensuring family & couples aren’t split up & special guests are closer to the front.

3. SPEED – It speeds up the process of getting everyone seated on the day.

4. HELPS THE CATERERS – It is easier for catering staff to serve pre-booked meals if they know where guests are sitting in advance.

5. DECORATION – It can be a beautiful, decorative addition to your big day.


5 reasons you shouldn’t…


1. INTIMATE RECEPTION – If your reception is small (less than 50 guests) & everyone knows each other well, then assigned seats aren’t necessary.

2. NO SIT DOWN MEAL – If you’re not serving plated dinners then a seating chart isn’t really needed.

3. RESTRICTS MINGLING – Some guests may feel they have to stay in their assigned seat and not mingle as freely as they would with open seating.

4. KEEP IT CASUAL – If you’re aiming for a casual, informal wedding, then open seating may be more conducive.

5. SAVE YOURSELF STRESS – Planning where to seat everyone can be time-consuming and stressful. Letting your guests decide for themselves on the day means you don’t need to think about it in advance.


Have you had any good/bad experiences with table plans? Let us know in the comments below!

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Table plans pictured from Beth’s Boards, LoveLi & White Rose Invitations.